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Enhancing joyful, sustainable intimate relationships, expanding sexual energy into bliss and ecstasy.

Diamond Light Tantra guides couples and individuals to reawaken and deepen the magical spark of love, pleasure, beauty, bliss and sexual fulfilment.

Our Tantric Journeys programme offers a heart-centred, integrated, transformational process. Couples (re)discover deep, soulful intimacy. Individuals become more complete, compassionate and joyful in themselves and in relationships. Beyond Tantric Journeys graduates can join our Deep Diving programme.

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TANTRA BEGINNERS' EVENING - Thursday October 20th  eginners' Evenings are an excellent first step into Diamond Light Tantra.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

TANTRIC GATEWAYS DAY - Sunday January 29th  These days are for beginners and those wishing to sample the unique approach of Diamond Light Tantra. They are the perfect stepping stone into our Tantric Journeys programme. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

LEVEL 2 OPENING TO LOVE - September 30th - October 2nd  Explore your capacity to give and receive love. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

BEYOND PLEASURE - THE MYSTERY OF TOUCH - November 25th - 27th  Awaken intimacy and open to beauty. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

LEORA AT THE LONDON TANTRA FESTIVAL October 22nd - 23rd. Check out the full programme and details about special pre-festival workshops and Tantric Heart Parties CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW


Start Your Tantric Journey Now...

Begin your Tantric Journeys programme with a Tantra Taster Evening. This will give you a flavour of the delights to follow. If you are keen to explore more before embarking on Level 1 then please come to our Tantric Gateways Day where all your questions will be answered - and more!

Our  Tantric Journeys Level 1 tantra workshops can start a life-changing journey into tantra and is suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced tantrikas. 

You can also begin the journey by joining Tantric Journeys Level 2, which is suitable for beginners and more experienced tantrikas.

Tantric Journeys Level 3 is a more intermediate level. You can do this when you have done Level 1.

Level 3 3/4 our occasional intermediate/advanced workshop. Please contact us if you are interested in doing this when it next runs.

Deep Diving is an ongoing sequence of tantra workshops to take you to the heart of tantric practice. Pre-requisites are participation in Tantric Journeys Levels 1-3.

Forthcoming Diamond Light Tantra Workshops include:

TANTRA Beginners' Evening | October 20th

Introductory evenings with Leora Lightwoman are an excellent way to sample the flavour of Tantra. These evenings are for complete beginners to Tantra, as well as for those with more experience who would like a gentle "refresher", and for Tantrikas who have worked with other teachers and would like to discover the unique benefits of Diamond Light Tantra. Both couples and individuals are welcome.

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Our next beginners evening is on November 16th

TANTRIC GATEWAYS - 1 Day Workshop| January 29th

Blissful Couple

Tantric Gateways – A day of discovery, beauty, connection and deepening intimacy.

Bask in a day of meditations, connecting exercises and illuminating processes to heighten your senses and awareness, and contact your innate blissfulness.

-          Remember the innocence of your body, heart and sexuality

-          Connect sexuality and spirit through breath, meditation and intention.

-          Dance, play and find your joyfulness

-          Space to share, discover and unfold

For both couples and individuals.  Couples, look beyond the known exterior of your Beloved, and see the depths of their humanity and deep potency.  Open to receiving love.  Individuals, experience tools for self-empowerment and inner radiance.

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TANTRIC JOURNEYS Level 2 OPENING to LOVE - Weekend Workshop | September 30th -  October 2nd

Loving CoupleThis workshop invites you to explore your capacity to love and receive love.

 Learn how to enjoy more pleasure and fulfilment.
 Learn what pleasure means for you in any given moment.
 Learn to choose what pleasure really nourishes you
♥ Explore and expand limitations to your pleasure.

Book your individual or couples place now.

Beyond Pleasure - The Mystery of Touch | Weekend Workshop | November 25th - 27th

Loving Couple

Intimate touch can be exquisite.  It can also be a gateway to awareness, bliss and expansion.

Explore inner foundations of pleasure, different modalities of touch, healing and meditation, to awaken intimacy and open to beauty.
This final workshop in 2016 is for those who have completed at least one other DLT weekend workshop

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Kindred Spirit Magazine attends a 1-Day Tantra Workshop

"The space that Leora has created is, however, ‘sacred’ in a way that I have never experienced before. Sacred space is not just about lighting some incense and doing a little chant – it is about safety and comfort and protection."


 "It is very rare to find a workshop where you feel you won’t be judged and in which you don’t judge others at all."


Read Kindred Spirit magazine's full review of a Diamond Light Tantra Intermediate Level Workshop.

Testimonial - The Tantra Journey

When I began, I thought perhaps I might learn a few tips and techniques that I had missed through a Catholic School upbringing, and go on my way with a checklist of 'how to get it right'. What I actually encountered were profoundly transformational experiences and teachings that have filtered through to every aspect of my life.

During this process I found that my close relationships both with family and friends became more open and much deeper. I also underwent some major changes in my work life and subsequently relocated to London. Again looking back on my initial reasons for choosing to do a tantra course, what has been most surprising is just how deep and far-reaching these processes are.

What remains unique about DLT for me is that the courses are accessible for people who have had little or no prior contact with spiritual practices.

For anyone considering tantra for the first time - perhaps excited by the possibility but nervous about what it might entail - I would highly recommend making DLT your first point of call.

Cathryn Jiggens

Diamond Light Tantra Workshop in Action - Video Link

Hear and see workshop participants, both couples and individuals, share experiences of Diamond Light Tantra workshops.  See workshop clips and Leora teaching.

*  The beauty of healthy boundaries

*  Tantra is more than you may have imagined

*  Heal, transform, learn, love, celebrate and play safely and with choice and beauty

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Leora Lightwoman

Leora has been leading Tantra workshops and facilitating Tantra sessions with couples and individuals since 1995. She is celebrated for her lively and playful, and yet sensitive and grounded approach to spiritual sexual-loving, and for the safe and honouring space that she holds. Read more...

What will I learn from Tantra?

Tantra teaches you how to experience relaxed aliveness in your body and greater intimacy in all your relationships. It helps to clear blocks that you may have to pleasure and intimacy and encourages the exploration of bliss as a way towards spiritual freedom.

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