April 21st 2012 | A Taste of Bliss COUPLE

Leora Lightwoman
The Lightwoman Tantra Centre, N6
April 21st 2012, 10:00 - 18:00
Happy Couple
Price: £190.00

A Joyful Day of Tantra to Connect, Deepen and Celebrate.

Wondering what the journey of Tantra has to offer? Attended an Introductory Event, or looking for a more extended introduction? Then this day is for you.

- Delight in the innocence of your body, heart, sexuality and spirit.
- Find blissful expansion through movement, breathing, relating and dialogue.
- Meet like-minded people and share love and connection.
- Tantric meditations, exercises and more...

* Couples - Re-Awaken Intimacy
* Individuals - Awaken new possibilities for relating and self- discovery


* Movement, Breath, Awareness exercises, Sharing
* Energy Meditation
* Gentle, Honouring Touch
* Celebration of our Unique Qualities

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Leora Lightwoman

Leora has been leading Tantra workshops and facilitating Tantra sessions with couples and individuals since 1995. She is celebrated for her lively and playful, and yet sensitive and grounded approach to spiritual sexual-loving, and for the safe and honouring space that she holds. Read more...