Beauty and Abundance - Co-Creation: The Life-giving Power of Love

Leora Lightwoman and Mark van Gogh
EarthSpirit, Somerset
October 1st 2015, 18:00 - October 4th 2015, 15:30
residential costs also apply
Blissful woman
Price: £595.00


For Couples and Individuals

£595 tuition per person + venue costs £350-£435 (single room supplements apply).

Please click here to pay basic venue costs of £350.

Pre-requisite:  Diamond Light Tantra Level 1 weekend workshop, plus Leora’s endorsement that you are ready for this workshop.

When we are intimate with another, and especially when we share Tantric energy exchange together, a ‘third being’, the relationship itself, is created.  This ‘energy child’ can be a physical child, a creative project, or simply a relational energetic field that adds deeper substance and meaning to the meeting.

  • ·         Release constrictions to your own life force energy
  • ·         Let go of stuck relationship patterns, and open to love
  • ·         Practice chakra meditations, listening touch, deepening presence and raising your energy
  • ·         Awaken to the ‘third being’ of intimacy and sexual relationship
  • ·         Discover the gifts of this new life, and let it guide you.

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This workshop is part of the Beauty and Abundance series which also includes

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New Beginnings: Tantric Meditations to Open the Door to Ecstasy January 14th - 17th 2016

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Leora Lightwoman

Leora has been leading Tantra workshops and facilitating Tantra sessions with couples and individuals since 1995. She is celebrated for her lively and playful, and yet sensitive and grounded approach to spiritual sexual-loving, and for the safe and honouring space that she holds. Read more...