Deep Diving 2013 - ALL LEVELS Tuition Costs

Leora Lightwoman & Mark Van Gogh
Earthspirit (Glastonbury), The Marwell Hotel (Hampshire)
June 29th 2013, 12:00 - January 19th 2014, 15:00
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Deep Diving
Price: £2,280.00

Deep Diving Course: Levels 4-7

Diamond Light Tantra's Deep Diving Course is a joyful journey of self-discovery and transformation, sexual and relationship healing and awakening.

-Relax into your natural sexual innocence
-Live your full sexual potency as a man, your juicy divine femininity as a woman.
-Unleash you orgasmic and ecstatic nature.
-Dive into blissful union with yourself, with the Beloved and with the Divine.

Deep Diving 2013/2014 is an integrated course consisting of levels 4 through to 7, therefore when applying for the course your commitment is to attending all of these levels.


Level 4 – Women’s Mysteries, Sacred Brotherhood (4 days)
June 29th - July 2nd  2013 at Earth Spirit, £525

For this workshop we divide into separate men’s and women’s circles, to rediscover the sharing, healing and nourishment that we can enjoy with those of our own gender.  We explore rites of passage, bringing acknowledgements and healing to our past sexual-loving experiences, our present reality and our future hopes and dreams, and owning and moving beyond our projections onto the other sex.  The two circles then meet afresh, in a sacred, Tantric ritual space.

Level 5 – Tantric Healing, Part 1: Self Love (4 days)
September 19th - 22nd 2013 at the Marwell Hotel
, Tuition Fee: £525

This healing journey starts with ourselves, going deeper into the experience of self-love, and moving on to transforming masturbation into self-pleasuring.  Recognising with compassion how we limit self-love, and transforming obstacles into allies, we move into a beautiful partner meditation in which both people’s longings, desires and gifts are honoured equally, creatively,  and as a springboard for transformation.  Communication structures, awareness meditations, and play are offered as ways of healing conflict and returning to love in intimate relationships.

Level 6 – Tantric Healing, Part 2:  Our Sacred Sexual Organs (5 days)
November 20th - 24th 2013 at the Marwell
, Tuition Fee: £675

This level focuses on the theme of healing the genitals and re-connecting with their natural beauty, pleasure and sacredness through meditation, sacred ritual, communication, conscious healing touch, visualisation and energy work.

Level 7 – Sex and Spirit (5 days)
January 15th - 19th  2014 at the Marwell Hotel, Tuition Fee: £675

In this level we integrate what has come before, whilst deepening our experiences of sexual pleasure and spiritual connectedness.  Here we explore giving and receiving sexual pleasure, and going beyond pleasure into bliss and expansion through Tantric practice, both alone and with a partner.


Each Level includes a one day sub-group. These offer Deep Divers the opportunity to further deepen and integrate the material from the previous level into their everyday lives. A sub group consists of space to share and receive feedback and guidance, as well as the chance to enter into the 'Tantric Space' and to re-engage with the relevant theme in a new way.

These sub groups are an integral part of training and attendance at all of them is strongly recommended. Please mention in your application if you are unable to attend any of these.

All sub-groups are on Saturdays, from 9:30am - 5.30pm and take place in North London. The final sub-group is called the Completion Day, and it ends with a potluck meal and an evening celebration.  We finish at 9.30pm.

Sub Group Dates: 
Level 4: September 7th 2013,

Level 5: October 19th 2013,

Level 6: December 7th 2013,

Level 7: February 1st 2014 (Completion Day)

Booking and Application Process

To apply for Deep Diving please complete the application form below and send it back to us with your deposit of £675. If your application is succesful, the deposit will then become the payment for your Level 7 tuition. If your application is unsuccessful, your deposit will be returned to you.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for all four levels is £2400.

This comprises: Level 4 - £525 / Level 5 - £525 / Level 6 - £675 / Level 7 - £675.

If you wish to pay all the tuition fees in in a single payment the cost will be £2280 if paid by 29th April 2013. You can pay in full below by by clicking the 'Order Now' button. Otherwise the payments for tuition are due six weeks before each workshop begins.

Application Forms

IMPORTANT: Every participant must complete a Deep Diving Application form & contract and return it to us. You can download one in Word or PDF format via the following links:

Deep Diving Application Form 2013 (Word)
Deep Diving Application Form 2013 (PDF)


We would also be happy to post you an application form if this is easier. Simply call us and let us know. We're on 0845 388 2231.

Completed forms should be emailed to us at office [at] (please excuse the email format - this is to prevent spam), or posted to:

Diamond Light Tantra
12 Langbourne Avenue
London N6 6AL

Leora Lightwoman will then get in touch with you to confirm your place.

Venue Costs

Please note that there are venue costs to pay in addition to the tuition fees, as these workshops are residential.

Payment for these must be made over the phone with Diamond Light Tantra as there are different choices available.

Please note: Room bookings CANNOT be made directly with Earth Spirit or the Marwell Hotel.

Click to Here for the latest Venue Costs

Payment Deadlines

Please note that all tuition fees and venue costs are payable six weeks before each workshop unless you have chosen to pay the tuition fees for all 4 levels in one go.

Couple's and Friends' Bookings

If you are booking for more than one person, simply increase the quantity in your shopping cart to 2 or more.

Any questions? Prefer to book or pay your tuition fees over the phone?

Please do call the office on 0845 388 2231 and we will be happy to help. You can also email us directly using the form on the contact page here.

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