Small Group Deepening Workshop July 13th

Leora Lightwoman
July 13th 2020, 17:30 - 20:00
Price: £45.00

Prerequisite: Authentic Sexuality Series or another previous workshop with Leora.

This workshop is bookable separately or in conjunction with the Authentic Sexuality series of workshops. It is a chance to integrate and expand the possibilities offered by any or all of the previous three workshops into your daily life.  

You are also welcome if you have attended another workshop with Leora and want to check in and take some time for yourself now.

Please note - our booking system randomly and periodically encounters a blip and won't process a certain booking (no money is taken). 

If this occurs, please email us at and we will process your booking ourselves. 

In a small group event for likeminded couples and individuals, we are all more connected than we often realise.  Each participant will receive around 10 minutes of attention, guided by Leora and supported by the group. The workshops begin with an exercise in Authentic Sexuality and connection.  From here we look at individual experiences and questions, as a springboard for further unfoldment.

Through witnessing, participating, and exploring embodied release of old patterns, each person's offering also initiates the whole group into a new area of discovery. Participants can emerge with greater clarity, relaxation, enlivenment and joy.

For this reason the workshop is limited to 8 participants.  It is a heart-opening and grounding, fun and dynamic opportunity.
Julian has this to say


'The opportunity ... to articulate what I was feeling, to put it into words... is an aspect of the mantra "all of me is welcome".  The presence of the group, and to be received safely and held, has been transformative.

One of the reasons you have been unable to shake me off, even after all these years, is the quality of the interaction you offer when participants share.  I remember being struck, quite early on, by the focus and care you give to sharings.  I recall an occasion when you persisted in inviting an individual to move out their head and into their body.  The difference was palpable. 

Taking time to really feel into how I feel about what someone has said before responding has also been valuable lesson for me.'

Please email us at if you have further questions about this event. 

Couples please book two places.



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Leora Lightwoman

Leora has been leading Tantra workshops and facilitating Tantra sessions with couples and individuals since 1995. She is celebrated for her lively and playful, and yet sensitive and grounded approach to spiritual sexual-loving, and for the safe and honouring space that she holds. Read more...