Tantric Gateways days 2 & 3 and Tantric Gateways 4

Leora Lightwoman
London NW5 and N6
September 10th 2017, 10:30 - December 3rd 2017, 00:00
September 10th (day 2), December 3rd (day 3), and September 29th - October 1st
Price: £695.00

Tantric Gateways Day 2 is a new Diamond Light Tantra workshop. Prerequisite is Tantric Gateways Day 1.

This workshop is an initiation into powerful energy movement through the body.  Through a process called ‘streamings’ we clear energy blocks and allow the whole body and heart to become more receptive to orgasmic energy, love and bliss.  Fully clothed, with no direct sexual contact, completely respectful, and at your own pace, responsive to your own needs and individuality.

  • Heal physical and emotional restrictions to intimacy and pleasure
  • Discover the wonder of organic energy movement throughout the body
  • Learn tools to expand your orgasmic potential
  • Enjoy respectful and supportive, authentic and transformative connection 

Tantric Gateways 3 is a new Diamond Light Tantra workshop. Prerequisite is Tantric Gateways Day 1 or Days 1 & 2.

This workshop consolidates and expands upon the Tantric Gateways 2. We explore the body energy system more deeply, and discover how breath, visualization and awareness can expand your experience of connection with yourself and another, and open you to delight.  We share fine and sensitive, meditative touch as a gateway to meditation and transcendence.

  • Fine tune your awareness of your body / energy system
  • Deepen your body’s blissful potential
  • Delight in fine, sensitive, honouring touch as a devotional meditation

Tantric Gateways 4 a full weekend workshop of warmth, transformation, sexual aliveness and fulfilment.

*  Allow your heart to guide you in life
*  Deepen your capacity for loving touch, and an integrated sexuality
*  Discover the deeper potential of your masculine or feminine nature
*  Awaken the magic of sexual polarity and sexual magnetism


Couples please book two places.


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Leora Lightwoman

Leora has been leading Tantra workshops and facilitating Tantra sessions with couples and individuals since 1995. She is celebrated for her lively and playful, and yet sensitive and grounded approach to spiritual sexual-loving, and for the safe and honouring space that she holds. Read more...