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Enhancing joyful, sustainable intimate relationships, expanding sexual energy into bliss and ecstasy.


Diamond Light Tantra guides couples and individuals to reawaken and deepen the magical spark of love, pleasure, beauty, bliss and sexual fulfilment.


Leora Lightwoman brings you her integrated program of Diamond Light Tantra Evening Courses in London, One-Day Workshops and Weekends Levels 1 to 4, and Intermediate Advanced Retreats in beautiful UK locations.  Leora also offers Tantra Holiday courses for couples and individuals.

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Please note - our booking system randomly and periodically encounters a blip and won't process a certain booking (no money is taken). 

If this occurs, please email us at office@diamondlighttantra.com and we will process your booking ourselves.  PLEASE NOTE THAT IF A BOOKING FAILS, WE ARE UNABLE TO SEE WHOSE ATTEMPTED BOOKING IT WAS,  SO PLEASE DO CONTACT US IF IN ANY DOUBT! 

Thank you and Namaste

Please call or email us for further details, or if you have any questions about the programme at office@diamondlighttantra.com or on 07859 829218.

ONLINE TANTRIC GATEWAYS 1 Saturday November 28th and Sunday November 29th Explore boundaries, intimacy, energetic awareness, spontaneity and fun, respect and care in an incredible opportunity to open to a quality of non-doing in relating and in life. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW.

ONLINE WONDROUS WEDNESDAY TANTRA EVENING  December 2nd  For both beginners and more experienced tantrikas. Wondrous Wednesdays are an excellent first step into Diamond Light Tantra. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

BOOK THREE WONDROUS WEDNESDAYS AND SAVE £20  December 2nd, January 20th and February 10th  CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

SAVE THE DATE FOR AN IN PERSON TANTRIC GATHERING April 30th - May 3rd 2021 for both beginners and more experienced tantrikas. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Please check the FULL WORKSHOP CALENDAR for all workshops.

At Diamond Light Tantra, we are committed to a safe, healthy response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  For this reason our workshop programme during the autumn and winter will be guided online on Zoom, and happening in your own homes.





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Leora Lightwoman

Leora has been leading Tantra workshops and facilitating Tantra sessions with couples and individuals since 1995. She is celebrated for her lively and playful, and yet sensitive and grounded approach to spiritual sexual-loving, and for the safe and honouring space that she holds. Read more...