Aliveness: Where Less is More (Part 1)

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Annabel’s eyes are soft and slightly moist, as she looks at James with love and gratitude.  What Tantric mystery has transported them to this place?  This is only their second Tantric workshop, a 1-day course, and they have not had sex, not undressed, and the simple 20 minute meditation that they have just shared does not even involve physical contact.  ‘Aura Stroking’ is one of a series of beautiful, honouring practices that directly offers us the experience of ‘less is more’.  By relaxing and softening, and opening to the subtleties of human energetic contact, a relaxed, natural and deep sense of joy can naturally bubble up from within us.

Tantric tip:  Aura Stroking

This meditation is for both love partners and for friends.

Face your partner, and stand for a couple of minutes in eye contact, breathing together.  One of you then close your eyes, and the other, begin with your hands at the level of your partner’s chest, wide apart, one behind and one in front of your partner, and very, very slowly bring them closer in towards their body, until you feel a sense of contact, before physical touch occurs.  This is usually between half an inch and 3 inches away from their body.    Begin stroking very, very slowly, from head to toe, over your partner’s whole body, at the distance away from their skin where you feel this contact.  Your hands are soft, and you will feel a tingling.  When you move your hands down your partner’s body, continue to be aware of this tingling point of contact.  If you lose it, stop or slow down, to re-discover the point at which you are in touch.

You can stroke down their body 2-3 times, with your awareness and intention covering the whole of their body – front, back and their sides.  Your attitude is one of honouring, celebrating the whole of your partner: their body and being, and the aliveness and sensitivity in them.  Let your aura touch include, and therefore integrate, the genital areas, whether or not this is your intimate partner.

Return to eye contact, in silence.  Find a simple way to thank and acknowledge each other, like sharing a hug, then swap round.  At the end, you should both feel relaxed, alive, closer, and more in touch with your inner light.

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