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Beauty and Abundance

Leora at the Mind Body Spirit Festival 2015 ‘Tantra is a path that brings together healing, touch, personal sharing and meditation’ Leora is at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Olympia in London on Saturday May 2nd Ahead of her workshop on ‘Tantra: Innocence and Playfulness’, Leora Lightwoman, founder of Diamond Light Tantra, shares her […]

Holding and Surrender

Prediction Magazine Tom stood behind Allie, a young woman he had met 2 hours earlier at a Taste of Bliss Tantra workshop.  She leaned gently back into his strong form as he swayed to the music, and she allowed herself to be lulled by the undulating waves of his movement. He lifted her hands gently […]

Pleasure within Safe Boundaries

Prediction Magazine Your partner wants sex. You are not in the mood. What do you do? You are on a first date with a lovely new prospective partner. They lean forward to kiss you. You like them, but it feels far too soon for you to be physically intimate in this way. How do you […]


Prediction Magazine Sexual energy is life-force energy. In its clear form, it is enlivening and rejuvenating. It can be used to potentise the true desires of your heart and your spirit. Annabel and Dom are a young couple who became pregnant without consciously intending to. They were delighted, but also fearful. Would parenthood make too […]

Aliveness: Where Less is More (Part 1)

Prediction Magazine Annabel’s eyes are soft and slightly moist, as she looks at James with love and gratitude.  What Tantric mystery has transported them to this place?  This is only their second Tantric workshop, a 1-day course, and they have not had sex, not undressed, and the simple 20 minute meditation that they have just […]

Soul Gazing

Prediction Magazine Our deepest being is always here.  When we make contact with this place, we release separation.  The following simple exercise, which can be practiced with a love partner or a special friend, can help you directly experience this reality: Sit facing you partner, lightly holding hands, and close your eyes.  Feel your breath […]

Awakening Passion

Prediction Magazine ‘I still love him very much, but the passion has gone’, Linda tells me, as she and her partner arrive for a couples’ Tantra session.   After 20 years, isn’t this normal?  She enquires. Contrary to popular belier, passion can grow with the age of a relationship.  One aspect of passion is polarity […]

Opening To Pleasure

Prediction Magazine We all want pleasure, right?  The degree of pleasure you enjoy in your life is not just a matter of how much you acquire, it’s a state of being.  The more present, receptive and open you are in your body, mind and being, the more genuine enjoyment and gratitude you can derive from […]

Opening To Love

Prediction Magazine ‘I know I’m not as beautiful as some women’ says Janice, a 56-year-old divorced company director, mother of three, ‘so I can’t be too choosy’.  Tania, a 31-year-old Swedish solicitor, has a different problem.  ‘I know I’m attractive to men – I’m young, fit, blonde, and have a great figure,’ she explains, ‘but […]

Workshop review: Tantra

Kindred Spirit Magazine Leora Lightwoman has been running Tantra workshops for several years. A petite, charming woman, she is very tuned into the participants’ thoughts. We are expected, right from the start, to hold the gaze of strangers of the opposite sex; a deeply intimate experience that I could barely manage with former partners, let […]

Male and Female Balance

Diamond Light Tantra Workshop in Action – Video Link I Hear and see workshop participants, both couples and individuals, share experiences of Diamond Light Tantra workshops.  See workshop clips and Leora teaching. *  The beauty of healthy boundaries *  Tantra is more than you may have imagined *  Heal, transform, learn, love, celebrate and play […]

The Love of Strangers

Natural Health Magazine A Tantra workshop that teaches you love and compassion for even those you don’t fancy? Tania Ahsan discovers you can arouse feelings for anyone in your heart – with startling results There are two reasons why a Tantra workshop should strike terror in my heart. First, I am Asian and we don’t […]

Let There Be Love

Spirit and Destiny Magazine Maggie Richards drops into an after-work class and finds out you can do it in a tracksuit as well as your birthday suit. We’ve all heard of tantric sex, thanks to Sting and Trudie. I’ve always thought it sounded tantalising, but also mystifying. So when I hear about a midweek introductory […]

Spiritual Therapy: Tantra

Spirit and Destiny Magazine Beatriz Rocha, 38, and Dario Rumbo, 39, both grew up in Spain, having been born into Latin American families. Dario, a photographer, came to live in England in 1992 and settled in London. The couple first met at a photoshoot in Spain when Beatriz was a part time model. She is […]

Opening to Bliss

London South East Connection Tantra is something you experience. It is not something that you can learn from books. However, reading about it can inspire you to take the step into the experience. It can also serve to guide you, once you are practicing the tools that Tantra gives you. Below I reproduce a typical […]

Angst to Ecstacy

Kindred Spirit Magazine The hidden gift in the ordinariness of relationships is the potential for transcendence. When the archetype of man and woman, the masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti, is lived, experienced, and expressed in lovemaking deep fulfilment of our true nature is the result. Tantra teacher Leora Lightwoman opens her fascinating casebook to […]

Make love not war

New Statesman In her final blog, Leora Lightwoman explains the relevance of Tantra, and takes us through her personal spiritual journey For the main part, what is advertised as “Tantra” today is in fact “neo-Tantra”, modern syntheses of one or more traditional Tantric paths interwoven with more eclectic movement meditations, healing processes and personal sharing, […]

Tantra, sexual energy and desire

New Statesman We desire things because we perceive ourselves to be separate from them. Tantric mediations focus on moving beyond the apparent duality of desire and the object of desire. There is a fundamental difference between directly experiencing sensuality and seeking it. Tantra is not hedonism, which is the pursuit of sensual pleasures. Tantra is […]

The History of Tantra

New Statesman Leora Lightwoman explains how Tantra evolved into its present day form Tantra is not a religion, although Tantric symbology and practices have emerged throughout history in all religions and cultures. Representations of the sacred union of the masculine and feminine principles, and the non-duality of this “sacred inner marriage” can be found as […]

Can you change your life in just a week?

Good Housekeeping Magazine ‘Now I have the confidence to say what I want’ Caralyn Duignan, 41, lives in Crewe with her partner, Michael Robbins, and her children, Emily, 12 and Mark, 10 ‘Two years ago, my 17-year marriage had just ended and I was half-way through the divorce. My husband and I had gone for […]

Making love is like learning to sing

Times Online My husband goes at lovemaking like a bull at a gate – enthusiastic and noisy, but not subtle. How can I get him to use a bit more finesse? Recommend?  Making love, like learning to sing, requires a modicum of inherent ability. TV pundits claim that no one is so bad at singing […]

Why the stars are getting Tantric?

New Magazine Celebs love getting spiritual, so no wonder they’re all dying to try Tantric sex. But could you soon be having full-body orgasms, too? We’re not surprised Billie Piper looks a lot happier these days, if the rumours about her new fella’s bedroom talents are true-it seems 28- year-old law student Amadu Sowe is […]

Greatest Release

TNT Magazine London wearing you down? Expand your mind and calm your soul with a workshop in tantra. Mention tantra and most people imagine erotic marathons and Sting’s go-for-five-hours stamina. But there’s more to this 5000-year-old spiritual path than sex, which I discovered on an introductory workshop with Diamond Light Tantra (DLT). Shaking your body […]

Tantric Sex

Yoga Magazine If tantric sex is not just to help you achieve multiple orgasms and long-lasting erections then what is it about? Leora Lightwoman explains in plain English the path to blissful sex “Hands up anyone who is the child of a virgin birth,” I sometimes say at workshops. As far as I know, my […]

The Love Clinic

Spirit and Destiny Magazine At first, Cindy and Mark’s sex life was great, but he soon began to suffer from impotence and worry he would scare her off. We sent them on a tantric sex weekend to relight their fires… The Problem ‘My boyfriend can’t get an erection’ Cindy, 40, and Mark, 44, both account […]

The Sexual Philanthropists

Marie Claire Magazine These people have found out the secrets of sexual ecstasy and want to share them with you. One couple has sex before an audience, the others perform on The Lovers’ Guide video. So what makes them think they’re up to the job? Erin Kelly and Katy Regan find out. ‘We demonstrate live […]

Is your sex life in a rut?

Best Magazine We all hope our sex lives will stay as passionate as they were when we first met. But the sad truth is, in any long-term relationship sex can become boring and feel like less of a priority. So how do you keep the sparks flying? Best investigates… ‘I turned my husband into the […]

When Sex Is Good For Your Soul

The Mail on Sunday Can you rekindle your sex life after the initial flames of passion have died down? Through its deeply pleasurable techniques, Tantra will help you discover your sexual energy, enrich your physical relationship, and bring you and your partner closer than ever Report Val Sampson Can you imagine sex with your partner […]

When familiarity breeds good sex

The Times The decline of desire in a long relationship is seen as inevitable. But Val Sampson says it doesn’t have to be-just take up Tantric sex. When couple talk about sex changing the longer you are together, usually they are referring to the fact that sex becomes cosy, if you are lucky; or practically […]

The Truth About Tantric Sex

Real Magazine Chloe, 27, trembles slightly as the man blindfolds her with a silk scarf. She’s never met him before and doesn’t know his name. Neither does her husband, who has been left a home tonight. Sensing her arousal, the man strokes her bare shoulders with an ostrich feather. Chloe, a pretty blonde accountant from […]

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