Our Cancellation Policies

Workshop Participation Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that your booking for Diamond Light Tantra workshops is non-refundable. 

In exceptional circumstances, or in cases of cancellations more than 9 weeks prior to the workshop date, please apply in writing to office@diamondlighttantra.com  Any refunds or partial refunds that may be offered are discretionary, and subject to the following fees: admin, event manager app fees, payment portal fees. 

Transfers may be possible, if requested before the end of the Earlybird Discount period.  Transfers are subject to another participant filling the booked space / spaces.  There is an admin fee for transfers, in addition to the fees already paid to the event management app and the payment portal.  

Covid / Infections Policy
We request that if you are unwell with Covid or any other infectious disease, you refrain from attending our events or sessions. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds or transfers due to illness or other circumstances, except as noted above. We recommend that you consider insurance if you are concerned.

Counselling / individual / couples sessions Cancellation Policy

Individual and couples' sessions are fully cancellable and refundable up to 8 days before the session is booked.  From 7 days prior to the session, 50% of the session fee is due, and from 24 hours prior to the session, the full payment for the session is due.

Couples' / Individuals' Day Retreats - Cancellation Policy

Couples' and Individuals' Day Retreats are fully cancellable and refundable up to 30 days before the date of the retreat. From 30 days prior to the session, 50% of the retreat fee is refundable or transferable.  From 8 days prior to the retreat, the full fee for the retreat is due, and no transfers are possible.

Contact Leora - office@diamondlightantra.com 

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