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A Taste of Bliss Workshop


'My wife bought me a ticket as an anniversary present.  I was a bit sceptical, but also excited to learn more.  The exercise where I was facing my wife surprised me.  After 18 years of marriage I discovered that when I took my time, really noticed and responded to her, and also considered my own desires instead of just trying to please her, something extraordinary happened.'


A day of delight and discovery.  For both couples and individuals, a chance to notice the finer dimensions of relating, and to experience the joy of living and relating authentically.  Explore qualities of receptivity and presence, sensuality and clarity.  Movement, dance, breath, awareness, eye contact, sharing and beautiful conversations.

~ Discover the magic of connection
~ Find ease with your boundaries, and confidence in meeting another as you wish
~ Reconnect with your playfulness and exuberance
~ Be fully relaxed, in charge, and with expanded awareness
~ Enhance your presence, receptivity and sensuality

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You can also contact Leora: office@diamondlighttantra.com or 07859 829218.

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