Holding and Surrender

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Tom stood behind Allie, a young woman he had met 2 hours earlier at a Taste of Bliss Tantra workshop.  She leaned gently back into his strong form as he swayed to the music, and she allowed herself to be lulled by the undulating waves of his movement. He lifted her hands gently from beneath and danced them in the same slow, expansive motion. Allie, a successful project manager, found her worries and preoccupations melting, as for the first time really ever, she let herself be held and guided by a man.

A while later, they exchanged roles, and Tom found Allie’s soft and comforting form behind him, holding him and rocking to the music, as she followed the dance of her heart, and of her feminine sensuality. In the sharing session that followed, Tom told the group that he had revised his whole idea of the kind of partner he was now seeking, knowing now how it felt to be truly held and supported by a woman.

The Yin Yang Dance

You need only 25 minutes, and 10 minutes of slow, beautiful rhythmic music. You need a partner or friend with whom to share the exercise.

The man (or partner A) stands behind the woman (or partner B). The woman steps backwards until her back is touching his front. She gently leans back into him, whilst still supporting her own weight fully on her own feet. She closes her eyes and feels his presence behind her. Gradually she allows her back, body, heart, pelvis and mind to soften and relax knowing that at this moment she is save and protected. The man too relaxes, and imagines his breath entering from his base, enlivening his pelvis and potency. When he feels alive and in touch with his sensuality and sexuality, he continues to breathe up into his chest, allowing his heart and caring nature to be awakened, and his inherent desire to support, love and cherish woman. He allows the music to invite him into motion, and he takes her arms and dances her, with the intention of supporting her whole body and being to relax and surrender into safety, beauty and loving sensuality.

After 10 minutes, gently come to face each other, in eye contact, without words, and swap roles

As the woman comes behind, she feels her softness and gratitude, and embraces the man, as he simply feels her warm and delicious form and spirit behind him. He allows himself to melt into her, as she dances him.

After 10 minutes, return to eye contact, and take 5 minutes to share your experiences.

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