Tantra and Empowerment - Date TBC

A Small Group Residential Retreat

Led by Leora Lightwoman


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What to expect?

A small group residential retreat

£675 per person tuition (approx) + £495 food and accommodation (approx)

Drawing on Eastern sexual practices, Leora guides you in a journey of empowerment, aliveness, joy, connection, love and inner freedom.

Whether you want to reawaken or reimagine your sex life, experience more depth and magic with your partner, or cultivate a more fulfilling relationship with yourself, Tantra can offer you a path.

In this workshop you will:

* Viscerally feel your connection with another without touch, through recognition of fine boundaries

* Learn clear, honest and intimate communication

* Expand your sexual-loving potential as a man or woman

* Relax into fine, meditative touch

* Enjoy sexual magnetism through breath and energy practices and gentle explorations of the exhilaration of gentle energetic power play.

Leora Lightwoman MA (Oxon) has been facilitating Tantra workshops, individual and couples' sessions since 1996.  With a background in couples' counselling, body psychotherapy, trauma release, yoga and meditation, Leora is known for the safe space she holds for deep transformation.

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