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Sexual energy is life-force energy. In its clear form, it is enlivening and rejuvenating. It can be used to potentise the true desires of your heart and your spirit.

Annabel and Dom are a young couple who became pregnant without consciously intending to. They were delighted, but also fearful. Would parenthood make too many strains on their so far lighthearted and beautiful relationship? And financially, Annabel was the sole earner, as Dom was studying. How would they cope when Annabel became a mum? Dom reacted by becoming more adolescent, going out with his mates and leaving Annabel home alone, and flirting. She, understandably, became distressed, hurt, angry and sometimes depressed.

As they did not know what to do, they made love and opened to guidance from Great Spirit / the Universe. In the afterglow, something had changed for Dom, and he had tears in his eyes. He admitted that he was worried that he might be inadequate as a dad and a provider, but that he really wanted to try. They decided to move from London to Scotland to be close to his parents, who were able to help them with childcare. Their rent reduced by two thirds, and Dom found a job that he loved, and still gave him two afternoons a week, plus weekends to be with their baby son.

Sex Magic Ritual

First, take some time, either sitting in silence, or in nature, to open to your true, deep wishes and intent for the New Year.

Love Partners – Share your new year wishes.   Encapsulate them into a simple picture, or ‘sigil’. This can be a shared sigil, or two separate ones. If you have two sigils, then you will share two sex magic rituals, on two separate occasions, focusing on one sigil for each ceremony.

Individuals – Create a sigil from your deep intent.

Prepare a sacred space for your ritual, clearing clutter, washing, preparing the room beautifully with candles, from a place of love. Imagine as you do this releasing all blocks to experiencing fulfillment.

Make love (couples) or self-pleasure (individuals), in a rich, slow and conscious way, inviting in your dream. Be open to the wisdom of Great Spirit, who may have different or greater plans for you than those in your mind. And at the same time, feel how it will be to realize your intent. Have your sigil visible throughout

As you become aroused, imagine your sigil in your sex centre and in your heart. At the point of orgasm, imagine your orgasmic energy moving from your base, through and up your body, out of your crown and into the hands of the Universe.

Then let it all go. Open to all possibilities…

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