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Save Soil

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'Have you heard of soil extinction?  I hadn't.   What distinguishes living soil from dead sand is its organic content.   The absolute minimum organic content we need to sustain life - all human life and 87% of all life forms on this planet - is 3%.  The majority of Europe is well below this, and in some countries the average is as little as 0.5%.  The Save Soil movement combines top end international proposals at a governmental level, designed to gradually change the course of big agriculture, with a grass roots wave of sharing information, inspiration and passion.  Will you be part of the wave that can save our generation, our children, and provide a habitable planet for the unborn child?  What could be more urgent than this?  Get connected with beautiful, inspirational, joyful and fun people who dance and sing and share about Soil, for the lives and wellbeing of all.

If you click below, your name and voice will be counted, as a global wave of commitment to stand for life and soil. Already we're at 3 billion.  Will you help make that 4 billion?  Please click below and join me there.

Thank you and namaste'.

Click my photo for a video introduction to Save Soil

And listen to Sadhguru, founder of Save Soil

Soil in Nature

Leora leading a nature awareness process
Leora leading a nature awareness process

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