Soul Gazing

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Our deepest being is always here.  When we make contact with this place, we release separation.  The following simple exercise, which can be practiced with a love partner or a special friend, can help you directly experience this reality:

Sit facing you partner, lightly holding hands, and close your eyes.  Feel your breath moving in your body, and allow your body to relax and soften.

After about 2 minutes, when you feel connected with yourself, open your eyes with soft gaze, and receive your partner’s eyes (or wait for them to open their eyes, whilst lightly resting your attention on their face, receiving them in this way).   Allow all thoughts and feelings to be present, whilst lightly bringing your attention back to the eye contact.

Close your eyes for another 2 minutes, again breathe and feel, then open them again, and this time as you open your eyes, open yourself to the human being in front of you.  As you witness their expressions and feelings, character and presence, ask yourself, ‘could he / she be a mirror of myself?’  Open to noticing how whatever you perceive in them is also in you.

Close your eyes one more time, for 2 minutes, and when you open them again, open to receiving the Essence of your partner, their spirit, soul or beingness.  Don’t look for anything, just let go of all classifications and judgements as they come up, and receive your partner with the deepest, wisest part in you.  In this way, your essential beingness, oneness, may reveal itself to you, as in the poetic description of Namaste:  “I honour the place inside you where the whole Universe resides.  When I am in that place in me, and you are in that place in you, there is just one of us.”

In the words of Cinzia, who experienced this meditation with her husband in a Diamond Light Tantra Introductory Evening:

Having the chance to spend some special time with my partner, in this way, was a real treat, it was like seeing each other after a long time.

Just being there, looking into each other eyes, slowly and gently sharing love was a nourishing experience, a reminder of what makes us bond and why we are happy to be together.

Since then we’ve been trying to spend special time where we do something slower, quieter, just BE together with no plans.

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