What  some of our participants have said...

For anyone considering tantra for the first time - perhaps excited by the possibility but nervous about what it might entail - I would highly recommend making DLT your first point of call."
Rose Jiggens

"The Level 3 workshop with Leora was, once again, a profound experience that left me feeling blissed out, open-hearted, more self-aware and ready to dive deeper into the riches of an authentically lived life."

Beverley– Level 3 Participant

'I'm still processing all the amazing moments that made up my time at Level 6. I'm left with so much from our time together, but what really strikes me is the love and caring that is with us all and how sustaining that is....when I have moments of feeling alone or isolated, I just remember our dancing or moving together and it all seems to lessen.'
Level 6 Participant

“The turmoil at work has not affected me in the same way it usually does, I have been able to allow others to be stressed and watch things go wrong without it affecting me inside. I have felt rooted like a tree while mayhem has erupted around me. I have felt alive and in love, connected and joyess. When we did the heart talking my heart said that I am a joyous person and I have had some of that fun back. I have laughed with Paul loads this week and laughed at my own bad temperedness! I've got some of my playfulness back and also had some mind-blowing sex!”

Joanna – Level 2 Participant

“This Level for me was literally mind blowing.  I had a preconceived idea that I'd walk out of the course, floating on a wave of pleasurable bliss, but in reality, this Level hit me like a freight train.  It leveraged all my primary emotions and brought me to a profound recognition of my power.  It also propelled me to meet some unknown edges and find harmonious rhythms, previously untapped.  It was fun, raw, gritty, emotional and utterly transformational.  If you want to channel yourself and meet others on ledges of pure tingling power, this is the one that did it for me.”
Freda, Level 3 Participant
"As always with the Diamond Light Tantra workshops, I get to expand my boundaries and go to places  that I've never felt safe enough to go before. Opening to Pleasure was no exception and I found myself opening up more and more as the weekend unfolded, to the sensual and sexual man that I am. I made many new connections with other people on the workshop, those connections have now turned into lasting friendships as we've continued our tantric journey together."
Ian - Level 3 participant
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