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At first, Cindy and Mark’s sex life was great, but he soon began to suffer from impotence and worry he would scare her off. We sent them on a tantric sex weekend to relight their fires…

The Problem ‘My boyfriend can’t get an erection’

Cindy, 40, and Mark, 44, both account managers, have been together for three months. Although Cindy is satisfied with his other love-making techniques, Mark is unable to maintain a full erection.

Cindy ‘We met at work and first made love when we were away on business-it was amazing. ‘But after a few weeks, I noticed Mark was always soft or half erect. I didn’t mind because he was making me climax through other ways.

Mark ‘When I was 19 I was unable to get an erection with a girlfriend one night and she shouted at me and called me useless. It was awful.

‘From then on, I felt pressured during sex. Before I met Cindy I’d had three impotent relationships. It always started after the honeymoon period wore off.

‘When I met Cindy, I was desperate to hide the problem. But the longer we were together the more it bothered me, though things were going really well.

‘I wanted to try tantra because after 24 years of suffering; I knew the problem wouldn’t resolve itself.’

The Therapy

Cindy and Mark went on a tantric sex weekend in Glastonbury, Somerset, with tantra practitioner Leora Lightwoman. Intimate exercises were carried out by the couple in the privacy of their room.

Leora says ‘Mark’s erection difficulties made him stressed and depressed. But the tantra workshop offered him a different perspective on making love, taking the emphasis off penetrative sex and concentrating on maximising intimacy and pleasure.

‘Mark and Cindy took part in exercises to enable them to become aware of their chakras. They also did the Wave of Bliss exercise where they concentrated on moving energy from chakra to chakra, helping them experience pleasure up and down their bodies.

‘Cindy and Mark also tried soul gazing-a magical and spiritual technique where they faced each other, staring into each other’s eyes and synchronising their breathing. This harmonised the energy between them

‘They also engaged their senses by passing around objects such as oils and flowers. With tantra, Mark’s erections soon returned.’

Immediate Reaction

Cindy ‘Mark really opened up to me about the whole issue, and the exercises weren’t at all difficult. In fact, I found them extremely pleasurable.’

Mark ‘It was fantastic. I learnt that sex isn’t all about erections and it has made me question my fear about performing properly.’

Two Weeks Later

Cindy ‘Two days after the course we spent eight hours making love. We had full sex as well as exploring massage, touch and kissing-all the thing we leant.

Mark ‘I feel so much more confident. Our love-making just keeps getting better, and Cindy’s told me I have no worries about pleasing her. This was wonderful to hear.’

Final Verdict

Cindy ‘Sex is now amazing. We’ve been practising moving the energy between our chakras and it’s mind-blowing. I can have up to 10 orgasms-one after the other!

‘We’re doing it all the time. We make love before work, have quickies in the afternoon and sessions that last all night.

‘Mark’s impotency is a thing of the past. It rarely happens now-only if he’s really tired or drunk for example. I’m a very happy lady.’

Mark ‘We sign the contract on our new home next week. We’re a solid couple and I’m raring to go 95 percent of the time.

‘As well as the physical side, tantra has made us connect on a deeper level. It’s changed our lives for the better and we’re doing Leora’s advanced course in a few month’s time.’

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