Why the stars are getting Tantric?

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Celebs love getting spiritual, so no wonder they’re all dying to try Tantric sex. But could you soon be having full-body orgasms, too?

We’re not surprised Billie Piper looks a lot happier these days, if the rumours about her new fella’s bedroom talents are true-it seems 28- year-old law student Amadu Sowe is apparently an expert on Tantric sex.

After it was reported that Billie, 22, who split from her husband Chris Evans in September, and Amadu were an item, Amadu’s former girlfriend revealed: “I can’t imagine a woman he wouldn’t be able to satisfy-he can go for hours and hours. He’s very cultured and into all sorts of Eastern beliefs. He has read into Tantric beliefs and, take it from me, has read into them very well.” No wonder the pair disappeared into Amadu’s flat one Saturday afternoon and didn’t come out until Monday!

And Billie isn’t the only celeb to get into the Tantric trend. Singer Sting is famous for admitting he and his wife Trudie have marathon sex sessions. The 53 year old once joked about making love for seven hours, but has also said, “Tantric is not just about sex, it’s about how you give thanks to creation for the way you walk, eat, breathe and treat others. It’s all about treating your partner as a goddess.”

Hollywood actress Heather Graham has also admitted interest in Tantra. The 34 year old once claimed: “I’m totally obsessed about having sex for eight hours, like Sting-like there is a goal. There is no goal. It’s all about losing control.” Well, we like the sound of that, so we thought we’d better find out more…

What is Tantra?

Tantra originated in India in 3000 BC. It’s a mystical tradition that combines yoga, meditation, breathing and sex. According to Val Sampson, author of Tantra: The Art of Mind-Blowing Sex (Vermillion), “Instead of sex being a purely physical experience, it becomes a way of opening your mind to the purest forms of love. Tantrics urge that a man should delay ejaculation, not only to give him more time to bring greater pleasure to his partner, but to enable him to experience multiple and full-body orgasms.”

That sounds pretty impressive, but does it work? New! asked Leora Lightwoman, who has been running courses in Tantra for nine years, to explain.

“People think Tantra is about having sex for hours-and that is possible,” she says. “But it’s about the quality of lovemaking rather than the quantity. Tantra is focused on intimacy and enjoying intense emotions. It’s about breathing deeply and relaxing, so that you are aware of your bodies and can pay more attention to what’s happening.”

Apparently, it’s about more than having good sex, too. “How you behave in bed is often a reflection of how you behave in the real world,” says Leora. “For example, if you have problems relaxing and letting go in bed, you might have similar problems in the rest of your life. Tantra can help you relax and give in to pleasure, which can help you relax in other parts of life.”

Time to get Tantric

Of course, all these multiple, full-body orgasms sound great, but what we really want to know is, can anyone learn how to do it?

“Tantra is accessible to anyone,” she says. “But it’s something you have to work at. It’s not like going to the gym, where you switch off your mind and work your body. You have to be honest with yourself. The principles are very simple, but putting it into practice isn’t.”

Leora says that it is possible to study Tantra for years and years. But, the good news is, you start benefiting from it a lot quicker. Some people have even had better sex after one half-hour session!

There are websites and books on the subject, but Leora says the best way to learn is in a workshop. “We do workshops for couples who want to improve and enrich their sex life, but we also do workshops for just men or just women,” she says. “Often, they had problems with sex in their previous relationships and want to solve these before they begin a new one. Or they just want to know more about the subject.”

How do you do it?

Tantra workshops involve breathing, meditation, looking at your body and learning to love every aspect of it, and a variety of more unusual exercises. “We do one exercise which involves physically shaking the body as long as you can,” explains Leora. “It’s a way of feeling the natural energy paths in your body which sexual pleasure can move along, so that it isn’t just focused in the genitals.”

Other Tantra classes involve the shaking of the pelvis to release sexual tension and spread it around the body, or learning to shout out at the point of orgasm. Apparently, your orgasm will last as long as you keep making a noise. It also helps to open your “throat chakra”, helping to pull golden light up your inner flute. Don’t worry, that’s just a reference to the central channel of your body which guides energy through your chakras-the power points of your body. Blimey!

If you want a taste of how Tantra could help your sex life, see Leora’s exercises to get you started.

Tantric tips for beginners

▪ Use your eyes: when you make love, keep eye contact all the way through. It makes the experience more intense.

▪ Make an appointment: it might sound weird, but if you plan when you are going to have sex, you will be able to devote more time to it and the whole experience will be more sensual. For example, agree, “Tonight we are going to have an early night-and that’s all we are doing.” Then have a warm bath or massage to prepare yourselves.

▪ Slow down: imagine sexual pleasure on a scale from one to ten-where ten is orgasm. Rather than rushing straight for number ten, try to keep your pleasure levels at seven for as long as you can-then enjoy the pleasant feeling throughout your body.

▪ Communicate: don’t be afraid to talk during sex. Tell your partner what works and what doesn’t-and get them to do the same for you.

▪ Breathe deeply: breathing is very important in Tantra. Simply slowing down and taking deep, regular breaths will help you focus in the sexual energy in your body.

For more information about Diamond Light Tantra workshops, visit www.diamondlighttantra.com or call 0845 388 2231

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